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  • The Loners meet the Mind Screen
  • The titular Loners are forced to attend Lone-Anon meetings.
  • Government goons in their war room spying on the Loners.
  • Frannie, Mike and Jeremy being Loners... together.
  • The Loners playing a game of hello.
  • Tanner Bugged by Frank
  • Jeremy and Senise have a word.
  • Creepy Neighbor and Dabney
  • Feds #612 listening in on Loners
  • Franny and Tanner React to Mike

"Loners thrives in the details where it continually earns laughs... there are some truly good bits. It's good fun with an inspired cast."- David Duprey, ThatMomentIn.com

Slowly, But Surely, You Gain An Attachment To These Weirdos...Amari Allah, Wherever-I-Look.com

"Why socialize when there is perfectly good wifi and food at home."Lincoln Chalk, Lone-anon Graduate

Coming Soon

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